Jawad Malik

Thanks for dropping by. My name is Jawad Malik. I am an electrical engineer by education, software engineer by profession, and a photographer at heart and derive great pleasure from all aspects of photography. 

In my youth I started photography with my father’s Yashica Electro 35 shooting 35mm film and I switched to digital with Nikon D50, D200, D700, D800 until discovering medium format by way of Horseman 617. For sheer enjoyment of photography I currently shoot with a Cambo WRS - a medium format technical camera, a couple of Rodenstock lenses and a Phase One digital back.

Professionally I've worked at Nokia and Motorola for many years. Then I developed Photoshop plugins such as Topaz ReStyle, Clarity, B&W Effects, fotoFXlab, Lens Effects, Adjust 5 etc. I then worked in airline solutions space developing software dealing with aircraft CG, weight & balance and now work on time-shifted video space.


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